Oh hello! I’m Ashley… pleased to meet you.

Wondering what “my actual brand” is? Yeah, me too! After years of owning and operating a small business making neckties & bow ties I felt a little claustrophobic by the brand I had built on social media. I loved my company and the products that I made but realized that my interests went way beyond #mensfashion.

I wanted a place where I could share all of the other passions and projects that felt truly authentic – writing, sewing, crocheting, pregnancy, motherhood, family, philosophy, cooking, baking….see what I mean? Not the type of “content” my #bowtietuesday followers probably wanted to see- but all of it is 100% me.

My Actual Brand is my outlet for all of the personal stuff that never seemed to fit in with the business brand that I had built. It’s not a “brand” so much as a place for me to be myself without having to worry if content I’m sharing fits in with some online persona I’ve built. So if you’re into random, crafty, deep, silly, spiritual shit… you’ve come to the right place!